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Grand Pianos Without the Grand Price

AAAPIANOS.COM in Norcross, Georgia, brings you the world's top piano brands. Pick from these lovely grand pianos and baby grand pianos.

WILLIAM KNABE Baby Grand Piano, Choose Your Finish Color, Rebuilding Refin - Norcross, GA $8,245.00

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Description: WILLIAM KNABE 5' 2" Baby Grand, there's never been anything quite like a Knabe piano, Handmade and created in the finest tradition of over 300 years of piano crafting, this piano has its own distinct look, feel, and personality.  When you play this Knabe, you will sense the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary. Priced to sell fast at $7495 refinished and rebuilt, compare at $14,000 or $28,000 new. Call Tom 770-480-7753. I CAN MOVE AND TUNE ALSO. Add $1295 for new hammers.

You can give 1/2 deposit and 1/2 balance when the piano is finished. We can finish it in about 60 days, so call fast if you want this one. I can also furnish you pictures of other pianos we have rebuilt.

Serial # 99415, circa 1925, a world class piano known for its singing sound tone quality, a perfect piano for blending with the human voice or Orchestral Instruments. COMPARABLE TO A STEINWAY, This 5' 4" beauty is in the process of refinishing and rebuilding to be as new again, so you can pick your stain color and finish sheen to closely match your furniture (see stain color chart in picture) and sample of our rebuilding in picture.  This is a world class piano and it will sound and look great when finished. The present finish is a medium walnut finish.  The rebuild will include new dampers, new pins and strings, new pin block, sound board refinished, and harp refinished (see sample picture) below and new dark mahogany semi gloss finish or finish of your choice. You can make a deposit of 1/2 (allow 45-60 days to finish rebuild and refinish).  The Piano will be like new again and good for another 60 years or more after the rebuilding and refinishing. Compare at $14,000 in a piano store and $28,000 if new.  This Piano was made in the USA in the 1920's, America's golden era of great pianos but now the Knabe is made overseas.   So, get the best of the best at a fraction of the new cost and get a much better piano than the pianos of today. Please see my feedback below for great references. Please see my other pianos in the gallery at the bottom of this page.

****World Class Piano, at a ridiculously low price.
****Get a practically new Piano but better than a new Asian Knabe at 1/3rd the price of new.
****Will have a new finish- $5,000 value and will be rebuilt, a $5,000 value.


Hardman and Peck Baby Grand Piano with Gorgeous Walnut, Tuned $3,850.00

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Description: A fabulous, elegant, and rare French Walnut case with matching bench. One of the smallest Baby Grands ever made. A warm, rich tone with a very responsive action makes a truly a special instrument.


Story and Clark Ebony High Glass Baby Grand with "Pianomation" CD player system - Woodstock, GA $5,895.00 OBO

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Description: Story and Clark Ebony High Glass Baby Grand with factory installed "Pianomation" CD player system. The entire piano looks new in every respect. Purchased in 2007, the piano has been tuned on a regular basis and played mostly on special occasions.

For the person seeking a fine player piano this instrument, should not be missed. This piano must be seen and played to be appreciated.

Sacrifice at $5,895.00 OBO

Can Move

Located in Woodstock, GA 


Baldwin L Grand Piano - 6'3" with Artist Bench. Fabulous Vintage Piano, Awesome - $8,800 OBO.

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Description: Baldwin L Grand Piano - 6'3" with artist bench. Fabulous vintage piano previously owned by renowned pianist and teacher Silvio Scionti and wife Isabel Laughlia - also an accomplished pianist. Known especially throughout the United States and Europe as one of the finest piano playing duos in the world. I purchased this great instrument from relatives of Silvio Scionti along with his published biography with a framed collection of memoirs celebration his amazing life. The piano has been rebuilt with new strings, pins, and complete new action, etc. The piano has fabulous sound with a warm rich tone and full responsive action.

To replace this great piano would be almost impossible in today's world. For the person seeking a fine instrument, this piano with great musical history should not be missed.

Replacement value over $50,000.

Sacrifice at 8,800 OBO.

Please call rather than text or email

Can Move


C. Bechstein Semi Concert Grand Piano, Can Rebuild and Refin or Recondition - $6,900 OBO.

Call Tom at 770-480-7753

Description: Bechstein 6'5" Ebony Satin Grand Piano - 88 keys. .Serial #43805, year 1897.  Most likely will need total restoration - Will play as is. Replacement cost over $100,000 dollars.§Saw one in ebay for $46,000, Sacrifice at $6900 as is or can rebuild and refinish, or Recondition the finish like we did the legs in the picture and clean the pins/strings/ soundboard, - Possible trades considered.§§Please call rather than text or email.

I can also rebuild it and refinish it to make it AWESOME again. Please see my feedback.

Weight: about 700 pounds

Dimensions: Approximately L 6' 5" 

Replacement value over $50,000.

Sacrifice at 8,800 OBO.


Conover Vintage USA Made 5' Baby Grand Piano, Gorgeous Walnut, Tuned - Norcross, GA $1,995.00 OBO

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CONOVER vintage USA made 5' Baby Grand Piano, gorgeous burled Walnut, tuned, Iv Keys, will look great in your home, tuned and ready to play as I tuned it, resurfaced the hammers, lubed the action, REFINISHED the harp and cleaned the strings and sound board, 1928 original year, serial #291957, great starter piano and a beautiful burled walnut finish that is irreplaceable in todays world, great price at $1,995, new would be $12,000. Make your family happy with this one, great special gift for Christmas, graduation, marriage, anniversary, or birthday. Call for more info.

You can pay a $700 deposit and pay the balance within 3 weeks plus the moving cost.